Saturday, May 20, 2023

Briefly, a Terrified Visitor

 We were sitting quietly this afternoon, each absorbed in the books we're reading and listening to the pitter-patter of the rain, when we heard a weird noise. I looked up and just caught sight of a wee bird zooming across the small conservatory. I had one of the two openable windows ajar and the little guy must've flown in through the available space--screens aren't really a thing here and windows come in all different configurations. These are tall and swing open from the bottom with hinges on top. Anyway, the bird was clearly terrified, chirping and flying at all the windows trying to get back out. 

Fortunately, I was able to get myself into the conservatory and close the doors behind me before he flew anywhere else in here--it would've been harder to get him out in that case. I was talking to him quietly as though he could understand me 😂 as I walked over to the open window and opened it out as far as I could. The bird flew at the other window that opens and perched there so I slowly walked around the table, expecting him to take off as I got closer. He waited there as I grabbed the handle, turned it, and tried to push the window open, but they tend to stick a bit and then he got scared again and started hopping to the other side. He sat on the edge of a plant that was on the shelf in front of the other open window, realized he could get out, and flew away, heading straight to the tree that hangs over the river, chirping all the time. I watched the leaves rustle and could see him moving around once or twice, but then things settled down. I closed both windows and went back to my book. All's well that ends well!


Vicki said...

Years ago when I first got married I opened one of the huge kitchen windows and a bird flew in. I don't know which one of us was more scared. Luckily he/she flew back out in 10-15 seconds.

Lowcarb team member said...

As you say, "All's well that ends well!", but that bird must have been quite terrified and so pleased to get out.
... well done in helping him get out.

All the best Jan

Shari Burke said...

Good that your visitor knew where the exit was, Vicki! :-)

Jan--I felt so bad for the little guy--he clearly didn't understand why he could see outside but not get there as he kept bumping into windows. I was glad it wasn't hard enough to harm him.

NanaDiana said...

I am glad the bird got out without toooo much trouble. I have had them get in the house sometimes and it hard for them to find a way out. We had one build a nest in our garage so left a back garage door open until the babies were grown and gone. Gotta love our birds. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday- Hugs- Diana

Shari Burke said...

I was just hoping he wouldn't fly into the main part of the apartment because it would've been harder to escort him to an open window then. Thankfully he stayed in the conservatory until he found his way out. Your garage birds would've been nice, cozy, and protected there :-)