Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hats and a Collar

I have spent a week or two working on my latest commission--three hats and a collar/cowl.
The hat design was one I had made up for myself last year. I happened to be wearing my hat one day when the woman who ordered these came by and saw it. She kept saying she liked it and that it was different. Then she said she wouldn't mind a few for her shop. I said OK and a couple of weeks later she showed up with the wool for the three hats, a collar and the wool for me to use to copy it. All finished and waiting to be picked up.

Once I finished these I picked up the second sock in a pair that I started just before Christmas and I finished that off this afternoon. I think I am in the mood to cast on another pair of socks, but I have to think a bit about how I want to make the cuffs. I could do some plain 2x2 ribbing as I usually do or I could try something different. Not sure yet.

It has been kind of winterish here after a very mild November and December. January was a bit of a mix, but February has been crisp, often frosty, and chilly. Oddly enough, Feb 1st is referred to as the first day of spring here. We had more springlike weather over the winter! Strange weather year all around. It was summerlike for the first couple of weeks of April, then it got nice and cool and summer was mostly in the 50s with lots of rain--best summer ever in my book. Then more summer in October. Who knows when things will warm up. Not that I am complaining! Maybe I will make that next pair of socks with some sock yarn and mohair!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Making Muesli

I have never been much of a granola fan. It is too hard for my taste and when I have eaten it in the past, something about it does not sit well with me and I usually get an upset stomach. Muesli is a different story. I love muesli. It is pretty popular here and you can buy it ready made, but it is expensive. Happily, it is quick, cheap, and easy to make it at home where I can control what is in it. I made a batch today and it took less than 10 minutes from start to finish.
I toast the oatmeal in the microwave. I used to use a glass pie plate, but no longer have one, so I use a shallow soup bowl instead. The bowl holds a cup and a half of oats, so I do that much at one time, placing it in the microwave for one minute intervals and stirring after each minute. It usually takes 3 minutes altogether for a batch to be toasted the way I like it. I use what are called "jumbo" oats here, or "jumbo porridge oats" but are called "old fashioned rolled oats" in the US. Toasting the oats is pretty much all the prep that is required. Toss them into a bowl with whatever else you like--nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc. I have been adding raisins, sliced almonds, and coconut. I usually add a sliced banana to the bowl when I eat it. It's good with milk or stirred into yogurt.
Now I have my breakfast ready for the next several days. Yay!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Irish Spring

Today is St Brigid's Day in Ireland, traditionally considered the first day of spring. Spring has arrived in the form of Storm Henry, who is packing some strong winds, showers of rain and hail, choppy water, and interesting skies. Happy Spring!