Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Beautiful Blooming Gardens

We spent a delightful couple of weeks with a friend who visited from Oregon. The time flew by all too quickly, but we had fun while she was here. Our neighbour played tour guide for us and brought us around to various beautiful scenic spots in this area--we do live in an amazing part of the world! We looked at the magnificence of Mother Nature, stopped in little cafes for tea, coffee and dessert, and sometimes just stayed home and enjoyed chatting. It was a low-key visit and that was just right.

While she was here, our landlord, who tends the lower garden, arrived for a couple of days of work. It looks a whole lot better now and it is much easier to see the blooms!
Some are not quite ready to make an appearance:
Some are already in spectacular bloom:

I think I saw some gooseberries down there, too. The fruit and veg guy who comes to town on Saturdays sells gooseberries. I was so surprised to see them--haven't seen those since Oma used to serve gooseberry pie!

So summer meanders along--people here are kind of waiting for summer to appear because it has been most unsummerlike--in the best possible way! Temperatures have been mostly in the 50s and low 60s. It has been cloudy and rainy a lot. And of course there is always a breeze. Yesterday was so damp and chilly that we had a turf fire! In July! How great is that?!? I love it, but I mostly keep that to myself :-) Looks like the flowers love it too. I could get used to summers like this!