Saturday, December 23, 2023

Where'd It Go?

 With the exception of June, which felt like it contained 743 weeks, the year seems to have flown by. Here we are, nearing the end of another trip around the sun. The days are lengthening ever so slightly now, which doesn't make me happy, but also doesn't make me as sad as it used to. 

I've been living my usual verrrrry slooooow October, November, December life as much as possible, savoring the long hours of darkness, the peaceful autumn/early winter vibe, books, and yarn. I had fun experimenting with some scraps of Christmas yarn:
coiled kumihimo braid with old button from the button stash of a friend's late wife

coiled kumihimo braid with bead from deconstructed charity shop necklace

Not the best photos, but I quite like the way they turned out and I have another braid on my disk that's in non-Christmasy scraps. I'm not sure whether I will use the ones above as ornaments, sew pins on the backs and make brooches, or maybe one of each. I'll probably just pack them away with the rest of the Christmas stuff in a few days and decide next year.

I do hope that you are enjoying these last days of 2023 in whatever ways are meaningful and joyful to you. If you celebrate Christmas, have a very happy holiday. If you don't, may the rest of the year be kind to you and bring much joy. Here's to health and happiness today and in the days ahead.