Saturday, November 19, 2022

A Few Weeks of Abundance

Whenever we go into a charity shop, I scan the room and make a beeline for the bookshelf/shelves. Sometimes there is nothing there that I am inclined to purchase, even if the shelves are groaning under the weight of the books. Occasionally we've been in a shop with very few books, but mostly they have a wide variety. This is definitely a nation of readers. Our new local charity shop is quite an excellent place for books. The first time we went in there was the day we were here to sign the lease and get the keys. We had a more time to kill so we went in. Like a magnet, I glided to the back of the small shop and scanned the shelves. I came out with a book. I couldn't fit it in my backpack, so I just carried it around. Thus began a very cool book winning streak. We have never gone into that shop and come out without at least one new-to-us book. Sometimes, it's been two, three, four, or more. Yesterday it was 6. Three for Bill and three for me. It's been a few weeks of book abundance around here. Here are the books I've picked up in the last few weeks--all but two are from our local shop. The other two are from the one in Killybegs, picked up the other day when we went there to have lunch with a friend.
the Bronte books was one I got in Killybegs--it's been a few decades since I read Medea

I'm not sure about the ones above. I got the novel first because I've heard so many wonderful things about it. I got the other one yesterday because some of the characters from the novel appear in some of the stories. Neither is the kind of thing I usually read, but one great thing about picking up books in the charity shop is that it's easier to expand my horizons. If I don't like a book, I can set it aside having only spent a euro or less and know that the money went to help someone. And I can donate it back so it can be sold again.
I love short stories, so thrilled to find these

I picked up the biography above in Killybegs. I know nothing about Marie Antoinette or the times in which she lived, so this should be a fascinating read.

While in the charity shop yesterday afternoon, I had a nice chat with the lady volunteering there. She observed that our Thanksgiving was coming up and asked if we still celebrate it. When I said we did, she wished me a happy day. We both celebrated the fact that they've started to put up the Christmas lights on Main St. When we left, she wished me happy reading and said to feel free to bring the books back when I'm done with them and we can do a swap. It was a very pleasant part of my day--a friendly chat, seeing the lights being organized, a nip in the air, and books. Simple joys.


Vicki said...

Sounds like a great day! I haven't been in a used bookstore for a while, now I want to go as soon as I can.

Shari Burke said...

I don't remember when I was in a used bookstore. We used to love going to Powell's in Portland--an entire city block filled with the bookstore. The three of us would head off and look at what we wanted and meet back up somewhere. Now we use the charity shops because it's all there is where we've lived. But we're planning a few days in Galway in March and plan on going to Kenny's in person and to another bookshop which I am told is great. Hope you get to one soon!

Brenda said...

I have one tiny book store…been in business 40: years…when the girls come, we go. They buy a few, and I get one or two just to help them…I can’t buy books from charity shops because when I walk in, I smell cigarettes…no one else ever does, but I do…the ladies in this store refuse to accept books that have an odor. I know people think I am picky, but I can smell the smoke…my friends don’t notice it at all. I had a friend who bought clothes at Goodwill…glad you have shops where that is not a problem…I have read some of the books you have gotten…

Shari Burke said...

Yuck! I wouldn't like the smell of smoke either! Here my issue is the laundry detergent they use to wash the donations. I have a physical response to some of them. My throat burns, my head clogs, and my stomach gets upset. Others are just unpleasant and make my nose tickle. It depends on what kind they use. All are very strong.☹️

Lowcarb team member said...

"Whenever we go into a charity shop, I scan the room and make a beeline for the bookshelf/shelves."

So do I :)

We have quite a few charity shops locally one of which only deals with books and CD's.
The shops rely heavily on voluntary workers and are always nice places to stop and visit.

Enjoy your reading.

All the best Jan

PS Happy Thanksgiving week.

Linda d said...

A very nice day. Enjoy the books.

Shari Burke said...

Thanks, Jan and Linda!

Oooh, that book/CD charity shop sounds like a fabulous place, Jan! All the shops here are also run by volunteers. The one here also gets the space donated to them, which is cool. It's tiny, but that suits us. It's nice to know that things are staying out of landfill and that the money is going to places where it's needed.