Thursday, June 6, 2019

Conversation in the Book Room

We went to do an errand yesterday afternoon and called in at the charity shop on our way home. Of course, I made a beeline for the book room. I was thrilled to find this:
When I took the elastic off to look at the accompanying box, I wondered whether there was much paint left in the tubes.
I figured if there was a decent amount of paint, I'd buy it. They weren't even open!
 I've dabbled in watercolour and use it for cards, backgrounds, and soon will be using it for collage, so this will be perfect. And there's the book in the kit and the book the charity shop sold with the kit, so all in all, an excellent find. We also found a few other books.

As I was starting to leave the book room, a woman was coming in and she struck up a conversation. She sort of swept her arms out to encompass the room and said, 'This is heaven. I bought kindles for all of us and I still can't help myself.' I told her about Project Gutenberg and her eyes got wide and she smiled. I told her that it's a great place to get older books and classics and she said, 'That sounds perfect. I read everything.' I don't know whether she found anything in the book room, but I hope she found a treasure that made her day as I have at various times. You never know what you'll find in the book room/section at a charity shop!


Vicki said...

What a great find! I find most of my used books at library sales & flea markets, or yard sales, but do visit thrift stores sometimes.

Shari Burke said...

This is definitely a nation of readers and charity shops are usually overflowing with books!

Vagabonde said...

I think people in the US read less and less, at least paper books. I brought another 150 Western paperbacks to the little Georgia mountain book shop that takes my husband’s books but he said he had too many of these. Now I’ll bring him non-fiction. I already gave about 1,000 away but have at least another 6,000 to go through. I don’t want to keep more than 1,000. I need to find a charity shop here in Nashville to give more away.

Shari Burke said...

Hi Vagabonde,

Maybe a book sale (like a yard sale, but for books) or freecycle? Are there assisted living places in the area that might want them? I mention that because I worked at a library for a time and some of the older guys really liked the Westerns and would check them out in large numbers. I hope you can find takers for all those books! :-)

Vagabonde said...

Thanks for answering. There maybe are a couple of assisted living places in the area near Marietta, GA., but they tend to be pretty conservative types and also most of them are Christians and I don’t have that type of books (I have bunches of Buddhist books, but keeping those.) The other problem is that my books are mostly in French! Don’t think old folks, or young ones for that matter, would be interested. I may give those to the Alliance Fran├žaise here in Nashville, but I have not been there yet. It’s hard for me to give my books away. I have given bunches to the library also. It’s all part of my cleaning up, clearing away and giving away 43 years of stuff accumulation in GA, and that is not an easy job.