Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Things That Made Me Smile Today

On our way out this morning, I stopped to admire the tiny flowers peeking out of the green.
We called into the charity shop and it was Bill who alerted me to the small basket of yarn--I hadn't even noticed it. I blame this slippage on the sun, which obviously affected me on the walk there 😉 It's not like me to walk right by yarn without noticing, especially an excellent find like this. Good thing Bill was with me for yarn-spotting back-up!
I knew the cone and the ball are wool and I was pretty sure the hank is, too. I did the burn test when we got home and it is. There was no price on any of them, so I took them and waited to see what she would charge me. We looked around the shop and Bill found a pair of pants and a book. We walked up to the counter to pay and were both shocked when she charged us only €5 for everything.

A closer look shows the subtleties of the colours and textures.

This afternoon, I dumped some frozen strawberries, a couple of bananas, and a splash of milk into the blender and we had smoothies--yum! Very refreshing, especially because we were still uncomfortably warm from our walk in the summer sunshine.

I'm trying to focus on positive things instead of my summer discomfort and the little things above did make me smile. I also remind myself that we are lucky to not be experiencing the extreme and potentially deadly deadly heat that is affecting parts of continental Europe. I don't even like 20 (68F) degrees, never mind 45 (113F)! Here's hoping they get through this heatwave with no serious injury, illness or any loss of life.


Vicki said...

That's some pretty yarn and what a great price for everything! The smoothies sound so good!

Shari Burke said...

The smoothies really hit the spot! :-) I'm thrilled about the yarn--it's too warm to use it right now, but that's OK. It can sit there and have time to tell me what it wants to become.

Aritha said...

O what a nice colors in the yarns. Love it.