Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Random Stuff in Letterkenny

After we went to the museum yesterday, we walked around for a while, before going back to the bus station and getting the bus back home. It was a nice day for walking--cool, breezy, and no sun. Letterkenny is very hilly, so we were up one hill and down another. We called in at the library, where there was a cart of books for sale. Like at the library in Donegal Town, these had been pulled from the library system. I found an older book about women and politics, which seemed appropriate, given that we'd just been to the museum exhibit on that very topic, and a couple of books about art and artists in Ireland. The bus rides are pleasant as we ride through some beautiful scenery. I particularly love the Barnesmore Gap. Here are a few random things that caught my eye as we walked along.
the toucan says...

the fake scenes in the ground floor windows made me chuckle


manhole cover

sculpture in front of courthouse
The above sculpture was created during a 'forge-in.' You can read about this and see some detail here.

I took the last three pictures through the bus window on the way home. So much green!

It was a pleasant day all around. When we got home it was suppertime, so I went outside and picked some veggies for salad, heated up some leftover potato-parsnip mash, made some grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and onion, and made some balsamic vinaigrette. Yum! 

I hope your day is pleasant, too!


Aritha said...

Oooh, it was raining so fast here today. It was a bit strange to have such "tropical" rain. I like you hortensia. Very nice one.

What a green area over there!

Vicki said...

All the photos you share show that Ireland is a beautiful & clean place. Everytime I see your photos I want to go there more and more. Thanks for sharing!

NanaDiana said...

What beautiful GREEN countryside and I always love to see pictures of the places you visit. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day,Shari. xo Diana

Shari Burke said...

We've had a fair bit of rain recently, too, Aritha, but it's been quite chilly at times and with a brisk wind. Since I don't care for heat, sunshine, or summer, I'm thrilled, but not everyone is so happy about it. I hope you're enjoying today, whatever the weather has brought!

I hope you do get to visit Ireland sometime, Vicki! There's a group called Tidy Towns here and most places participate in the nationwide competition, which is going on now. They have adjudicators who go to different towns/cities/villages and score them on different aspects of appearance, tidiness, lack of litter and other things. Then there's a huge gathering and winners are announced for the different divisions, which are based on the size of the place. So more urban areas are in a different division than various sizes of village, for example. Most places we've been have been pretty tidy, but we've been in mostly rural areas. I think there are parts of Dublin that are really bad. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Thanks, Diana--it is definitely green--the plants are loving all this rain, apparently. Hope this is a nice day there!