Friday, April 5, 2019

Finally Deconstructed

I found this necklace in a charity shop a few weeks ago and bought it for parts.
When I sat down to take it apart, I found I couldn't do it--the rings were tough to open. I set it aside and waited until I had some needle-nosed pliers. Yesterday was the day for that, so today, after we got home from our walk and had lunch, I took it apart.
So many fun ways to use these bits--even the one I broke as I was taking everything apart.

We did a quick 2 1/2 mile loop today. We'd gotten a late start and wanted to come home and have lunch.
In a few minutes, I have to get the pizza crust going in the bread maker. I have time to finish my cuppa first, though.

I hope you're enjoying a pleasant day.

1 comment:

Wild Oak Designs said...

Looks like you like to make daughter does too, but hasn't had much time.
Me, I buy fabric to make quilts...
Looks like you live near water...where?