Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Caught My Eye

We went for a walk last night after supper and could not help noticing this:

Today we were in Donegal Town and walked along the Bank Walk. The fairies are accepting mail now, so if anyone has anything to post to the fairies, here's where it needs to go!
There's plenty of green.
There were several of these plants growing on the side of the slope.
When we were in Aldi, I found this:
It's good! It reminds me of the Dickens Toffee Coffee I used to be able to get at Safeway at Christmastime years ago. They also had chocolate orange and white chocolate raspberry, but I wanted to try this, so didn't consider the others for very long. They seemed to only have one jar and it was in the back, so glad I found it. I think it'll be good mixed with vanilla chai--I'll have to try that.

I hope it's a good day in your part of the world.

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