Friday, April 19, 2019

April Summer

The usual April summer is upon us. I saw a headline in a Donegal online news outlet this morning proclaiming that Donegal would be as warm as Spain today. The other day, they were even more jazzed because we'd be warmer than Ibiza, Lisbon, Barcelona AND the south of France. Exciting times. I have not yet seen the word, 'scorchio' being used, although 'scorcher' was in today's weather story, so it's getting close to those inevitable scorchio sorts of days.

Even the wee puppy isn't very keen on these warm days. It's such a contrast from Monday, when it was chilly, with a strong wind, dark grey skies, and some rain. On that day, he picked up this beret from a pile of leaves and twigs.
He played with it the rest of the way home, but then let me have it. It's wool, so I washed it and will be able to cut it up and use the fabric.

A friend/neighbour brought me a bouquet of flowers from the gardens here a little while ago. Aren't they beautiful? I love the addition of the parsley--it's so pretty such a beautiful shade of green.
Whenever I get glum about the heat and long hours of sunshine during the spring and summer, I go look at some flowers and they make me smile.

Bill was in back of our shed yesterday and discovered the pot we'd placed back there last autumn. We'd planted some chard in it, but it got eaten. It's growing again, so we put it in the sunshine.

I hope there are some lovely things blooming in your part of the world today.

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