Wednesday, February 27, 2019


February 1 was traditionally considered the first day of spring in Ireland. This year at that time, we were in our one week or so of winter, but it didn't take long for spring to arrive. It's been unseasonably warm for a couple of weeks and I've already been dealing with the usual spring/summer crud as a result.

On the bright side, I picked a few chard leaves this morning and cut some rosemary and oregano, which I will use in supper tonight.

Also, the flowers are beautiful. Especially for those of you still experiencing winter, here are a few to add some bright pops of colour to your day.
Maybe yellow is your colour. If so, here ya go:

Temperatures are supposed to gradually go back to normal after today, so I won't put my sweaters away quite yet and will enjoy the best of all worlds--flowers, fresh herbs, and cooler temperatures.

Whatever season it is in your part of the world, I hope you're having a lovely day!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- Lucky you. I didn't realize your season was so far ahead of ours. I can't wait for some spring bloomers this year! Love that you have such pretty flowers there. xo Diana

Lynne said...

Oh how pretty . . .
Cheers me up a bunch.
Grocery store tulips helped cheer me up this week.
More snow in the picture, non stop.
Thank you for the color treats!

Aritha said...

Spring 2019 starts on Wednesday, March 20 here in The Netherlands. And I love your "bakplantjes". Such nice plants!