Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday Miscellany

My stitching lately has consisted of work on larger projects--I can see the finish line on one or two and know that another one or two will take longer. I've also done a bit of swatching and ripping out. But I did do a couple of smaller projects, too.

This one was a gift. I found the pendant in a charity shop, attached to orange, brown, and pinkish ribbon. I knew the pendant was perfect for the recipient, who happens to be an ardent Portland Trailblazer fan (the team colours are scarlet and black). I took the pendant off, saving the rest of the necklace for another use, and crocheted a Romanian cord out of black cotton.
I had a lone skein of sock yarn in a cotton/wool blend that wasn't enough to make a pair of socks. Normally in that kind of situation, I would simply use a different yarn for toes, heels and/or cuffs, but I didn't have anything that I liked with it, so I just made myself a spring hat.
We went to recycle cans and jars this morning. There are new bins at the recycling area.
More smaller boats are using the pier these days. The one tied up by the end of the pier looks like a toy compared to all the boats in the harbour.
For some reason, although I have walked by this building a gazillion times, I never noticed the hand until today. It's on the side of the Ulster Bank building, which makes sense, given the iconography of the Ulster coat of arms.
And so another week begins. Hope it's a good one for all of us!

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