Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wee Flowers

I played around a little more with beach finds and thread scraps this afternoon.
I loved the shape and texture of this shell.
The hole was in the right spot for attaching a motif, but it had to be a small one, so I kept it simple.

Quick, Simple, Small Flower Motif (Crocheted--US terms)
Chain 2
Single crochet in second chain from hook, (chain 5, single crochet in same chain) 4 times, then chain 5 and slip stitch into first single crochet.

You could stop there if you wanted. Or make bigger petals by making more chains in each one. Or make more of them by repeating between ( ) a few more times. I decided I wanted a little more thickness in the petals, so I did another round.

7 single crochet in each chain 5 loop, slip stitch in each single crochet on previous round.

You could make a small hanging loop at this point by slip stitching up to the 4th single crochet in the group of 7, making your chain loop as big as you want it, and then slip stitching into the same stitch.

It is just the right size to go into these wee card/gift tag things I have.
I used a strand of size 10 crochet cotton held with a strand of metallic thread that is about a size 20 or a little thinner, I'd say, with a 2mm hook. This gives me a flower that is 1 inch across. I could size this up or down by using thicker thread or yarn with a bigger hook or even smaller by using thinner yarn and a smaller hook.

This would make a cute garland by joining as you go or by making a bunch of these, making a long chain and picking up the flowers as you chain. Or you could hang them vertically the same way.

Good way to use up small scraps :-)

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