Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday on One of the 700 Hills

I'm reading a book that our neighbour, Jason, brought over for us to borrow. It's a history of Killybegs. I read in there that a visiting journalist in 1893 wrote, "Rome is built on seven hills, but Killybegs is built on seven hundred hills." Here we sit partway up one of the 700 with the sun (mostly) shining and everything glowing a brilliant green. I finished this scarf today and could not resist hanging it on the pine tree that lives outside our back door. Every time I go outside or pass the sitting room window and see it, I am startled anew at the brightness and beauty of that green!
I made the scarf for another neighbour, Teresa (I have been spelling her name wrong--sorry, Teresa!). It's made with a skein of sock yarn and a size G crochet hook.

Superman Fergus stopped in for a visit and stopped in our doorway to survey the territory for a few minutes.

And since it's sunny, there must be some laundry drying on the line :-)
 It's a peaceful, colourful, pleasant Sunday on the hill. Hope it's the same wherever you are!

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