Saturday, June 13, 2015

Old Coast Guard Station Garden Tour

Up here on the slope of the hill, we have a lot of stuff blooming and planning to bloom! It's very green with more and more colour every day. The gardens are divided into two areas--there are the upper gardens, which are all around the Coast Guard Station itself and out back in pots on the building and sheds, on the stone wall, and scattered around in the grassy area. Then there is the lower garden, which is, at the moment, sadly neglected. The guy who owns the two cottages rented by us and one of our neighbours owns that, too. He prefers to do the work in the lower garden himself, but since he lives in Dublin--a 4 hour drive away--it's not possible for him to do much on a regular basis--especially since we've had pretty wet weather for the past couple of months. As a result, the lower garden is pretty overgrown, but it still smells wonderful down there and it is nice, when I am working in the kitchen, to look out onto the flowers and birds that like to hang out there.

This afternoon I took a walk around the upper and lower gardens just to enjoy the flowers.

Here is some of what is in the lower garden:

And up around the place:

And you can tell Teresa is a professional florist because when you approach her door, you see a couple of lovely arrangements. I love the twigs!

Between our cottage and Jason's (our doors face each other) we have a couple of pots of these plants, which look like they will flower soonish. I love the spiky leaves!
Hope you're having a beautiful and colourful weekend wherever you are!

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