Friday, February 15, 2019

The Olde Village Tea Rooms

The first time we came to Killybegs--almost 4 years ago now--I got to chatting with another couple on the bus as we were heading back to Ballinrobe. They'd also immigrated here from the US (in their case,from Pennsylvania, I think). They told us that we should visit The Olde Village Tea Room in Mountcharles sometime. They loved it. As we rode through the village, they pointed it out to us.
Every time we rode through Mountcharles, I'd remember what they said, but we were never actually in Mountcharles until Monday and it isn't open on Mondays. Today, we went with a friend who started going there a year or so ago and frequently sings the praises of the place, the food, and the woman who owns it.

He was so right! It is a lovely little place and the food is delicious. Lorraine, the owner, cook, and baker, is so friendly and kind. We immediately felt right at home and after we'd all decided on some vegetable soup and bread, I sat in my chair in the corner and looked around.

This piece is woven--it was on the wall next to me, so I was able to enjoy it up close--i love it

this is also woven--the roof is tufted--i love it, too

 After we were done with our excellent soup, Lorraine did not have to do any arm twisting to convince us to have some tea and freshly baked apple pie! Delicious! The pie was not overly sweet--it was just perfect.

Bill and I chose ice cream to go with our pie

our friend chose to have custard with his
We stayed and chatted with Lorraine for a while. When we first came in, a guy was there having a hearty lunch. While we were eating, another guy came in to pick up his dinner. He had his reusable shopping bag and she filled it right up. At one point, she dashed out to deliver some food and a hot beverage. It was clear that it's a homey little spot that people feel comfortable in and enjoy--for the food as well as the atmosphere. And it's plain to see that people think highly of Lorraine. I can see why--I liked her at once.

She had a few wrapped loaves of tea brack available--the guy who had his bag packed with dinner had one and we took one, too, to share with our friend. After we paid and had turned to go, she stopped us, got out the roll of kitchen foil, and wrapped up a scone for each of us to take home. I told her that we plan to go back to Mountcharles to do some walking, and if it's on a day she's open, we'll be calling in again. And so we shall! I had a lovely time.

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NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful bit of your life, Shari! I love the story of the little tea shop. The food sounds good and the atmosphere is really homey. Those woven pictures are really quite amazing. I hope you and Bill have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana