Saturday, October 6, 2018

Star Knot

When I wasn't working on the pair of socks I posted yesterday, I was doing some cross stitch. I have some Celtic knot charts in various shapes that I quite like and plan to stitch. I decided to start with the star. I was going through various colour possibilities for the background cloth and the thread when I came across the scrap of black cloth. That seemed perfect as background for a star, so I decided to use that, which in turn, made the choice of thread colours easier.
I'll probably start a different knot today. I think the next one will be in Christmas colours.

It's a peaceful autumn day here today. The sun is out, but it's not that warm. The birds are singing outside. When I look up from my reading or stitching, I can see the flowers in a pot on the windowsill outside and the hanging basket by our door, where a few fuchsias and the little purple fan-shaped flowers are still in bloom. Quite lovely.

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