Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Walk Around Ballina in the Rain

It's been raining pretty steadily all day. It stopped once in a while, but quickly started back up again. No matter. I enjoy walking in the rain. We had no fixed destination in mind, but just wandered around, looking at the town.

This contraption was on the sidewalk along one of the main roads.
Since it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, it should get a nice charge.

These doors really stand out. These places look like they've been newly renovated or at least spruced up.

both of these are for rent--each is €200 per week, 3 bed (2 double, 1 single) and 1 bath
Maybe these are next in line for a facelift.
I thought this was a very clever name for a 'plus size' clothing shop.
The River Moy runs through the town. Our hotel is on the banks of the river and this is one of the iconic views of Ballina--St Muredach's Cathedral with the river in front.
There are a few bridges over the river, of course. The one in the photo has traffic going one way and the one I was standing on has traffic moving the other way--they seem to avoid bottlenecks.
The river seems to be running high at this time, if the steps and handrails are anything to go by.
 In the opposite direction sits the Salmon Weir Bridge, which is for cyclists and pedestrians.
There's an old stone building nearby and the weir for which the bridge is named.

the plaque was put up by the Ballina Town Council (the curved outer phrase--Bheal Atha is Ballina in Irish)

this would be a great place to sit and read, stitch, or just think and enjoy the sound of the water

On the way back to the hotel, I saw these in the corner of someone's front garden. What a pop of colour!
Tomorrow we will probably pop into the tourist office and see if they have some info about a couple of walks we're interested in. Or we might just wander off in a different direction and see where we end up.

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Lynne said...

Loved the pictures.
I felt like I was walking along with you . . .
I hope you get a break from the rain with some sun and blue . . .