Monday, November 28, 2016

The Tree in Market Square

They've put up the Christmas tree in Market Square. Tree lighting is Sunday. Earlier this year, when I was looking for information about Moville before we moved here, I came across an article about how, last year, the tree had been snapped in half by high winds and had to be replaced! Remembering that, I was particularly noticing all of the chains and cables used to anchor the tree, as well as the fun 'girdle' around the trunk! Each side has a different scene.

And just in case I needed a reminder that seasons are fleeting and I should enjoy this one while it's here, I only had to look at the planters in and around the square. The flowers have been removed, but not for very long! The bulbs are sprouting.

So I will celebrate the fact that 'the festive season,' as it is referred to here, has begun and I shall enjoy it while it lasts.

May we all have a wonderful end to what has been, in so many ways, a difficult year!

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