Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pitta Pizza and Cauliflower

I decided to make pitta (yes, that is how it is spelled here) bread pizza for supper tonight. I can get small whole wheat pitta breads at our local shop so I use them as the base. I used sliced tomatoes instead of sauce and sprinkled with garlic granules and oregano. I put cheese on top of that. Then added sliced onion, yellow bell pepper, and red jalapeno slices (pickled). Popped them in the oven and they were soon hot and bubbly. Yum!
While these were cooking, I finely chopped a small head of cauliflower and added it to a puddle of olive oil in my pan along with a sliced onion. I cooked these until the cauliflower started to brown and added garlic, cumin, chilli powder, smoked paprika, oregano, and parsley. It smelled soooo good!
It's now in the fridge ready to be used. It's very handy to have this kind of thing prepared. I finished the broccoli I had in the fridge for breakfast this morning with whole wheat pasta and parmesan cheese. There is still a bit of pasta in the fridge so I will probably have that in the morning with some caulifower and the rest of the cheese sauce that remains from two suppers of chilli mac and cheese. Planned leftovers make food preparation so much easier.

Hope it is a pleasant Saturday in your neck of the woods!

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