Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Bit of Beauty for a Stressful Day

Today is a stressful day for many, so I offer you some simple beauty as a respite from the ugliness we have been seeing. One way or another, may we all have the wisdom and the courage to face whatever reality awaits us while still moving forward in hope and compassion.


DJL said...

It's not as stressful as you might think. There is a feeling of "it is finished" whatever the result. There is peace in that. I can say we're seeing record numbers of voters at the polls over here which is a very positive thing! Hopefully, after tomorrow, our national fugue state will dissipate and the scales will fall from our eyes. Fingers crossed.

Shari Burke said...

Glad things are not so bad where you are! Many of my friends are highly stressed and scared about one of the possibilities and have been for quite some time.

I think that at least this stage will be finished, but then a new chapter will begin and it will be difficult.

Glad to hear that so many are voting! Sad to see the ways in which the vote is being deliberately suppressed in other areas. When we lived in Oregon it was vote by mail, which works quite well. This year we mailed our ballots back to Maine, of course, so have been done voting for a month now!

And tomorrow we move forward :-)