Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Comes to Killybegs

Summer has apparently arrived in Killybegs and even I, the most passionate hater of summer that I have ever met, thinks it's OK :-) Temps today were in the 60s. I can live with that. The sun was shining. I don't usually care for sun, but if it comes around once in a while, I can live with it--or even appreciate it! It does make the water sparkle.

We were out earlier than usual today because Bill had a 9:15 appointment for his blood test. He had no trouble signing on with the GP at the health centre--so much less hassle than we had last year in Ballinrobe! He was seen by a nurse practitioner (yay!) who even wrote his prescription. They were a bit apologetic that it would cost 10 euro for the lab fee. Little did they know this was quite a discount for us, since we paid 20 in Ballinrobe! Even so, the nurse has started the process of getting him enrolled in the warfarin clinic, which is at the community hospital. It takes us about 2 minutes to walk there. Once he starts going there, there will be no fee.

The pharmacy is right next door to the health centre, so we got his prescription filled. While we were waiting I rummaged through the 50% off basket and found some spikes that go on your shoes for walking on ice. I've had several types of these over the years and these were the best kind that I've had --actual spikes and not coils or metal knobby things--I bought a pair. I am ready for winter now!

After we left the pharmacy we strolled around at that end of town. There was a cruise ship docked in town today, so there were a lot of people wandering around with backpacks and cameras. We walked out onto the pier and got a different view of our beautiful little village.

There was a sailboat on the other side of the pier.
Then we walked down the road to the entrance of the other pier, where the cruise ship was docked, but there was a gate and people were prevented from entering. The cruise ship committee was ready with their signage, directing the tourists to the craft fair at the Bayview Hotel in the town centre.
We'd heard about the craft fair, and planned to call in, so we turned around and headed back towards home--the hotel is on our way. It was a nice little craft fair and we even found a wee present for our friend, Karen O. One of the vendors said, "So you're out touring today." "No," I said, "We live here!" Her eyes widened in surprise and the expected conversation ensued. "Oh, you live here, do youse? Where?" and "What made you decide to come here?" The emphasis on that last question is always on the "here."

We had lunch and then Teresa came by to say she was ready to go to the garden centre, so I got my stuff and tagged along. I got a lemon balm plant for the windowsill and then we stopped at the attached tea room and had the most delicious apple pie and a latte. I also got to meet one of Teresa's friends, which was fun. Of course we also had the always adorable Fergus along with us!

It was another lovely day and I was reminded again how glad I am that we have anchored here :-)

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