Thursday, July 28, 2016

Outlaw Bible of American Poetry in Moville

I love popping into the charity shops here because you never know what kind of interesting thing will be sitting on the pile waiting for you.

Today we passed one of the shops on Lower Main St and there was a sign in the window saying that everything in the store is a euro or less and must go. Tomorrow will be their last day there. We went in and I spotted this book on the pile.

This is not the sort of book I would expect to find in a little charity shop in the centre of a little village on the edge of this island, and I did not even know about outlaw poetry, but live and learn and never assume stuff. I bought it. Turns out that outlaw poetry is 'a type of marginal poetry with Beat sensibility often categorized as Spoken Word,' according to Wikipedia. I have been familiar with this as spoken word, but not as outlaw poetry. I wonder how this will come across in a book and not as audio. Guess I will find out and if I do not like it, I can always stick it in the wee free library for someone else to find and love.

I also picked up a pair of boots with a fuzzy lining--dreaming of winter. I would not walk in them, except to run to the library or something like that, but they will be good for kicking around the house in winter on these tile floors. I have some excellent hiking boots for walking, brought back from Boston by a friend, who found them new at a thrift store there. Wearing these around the house and for quick dashes to the library or a shop will help those last longer.

The bottoms look like they have not been worn much and for a euro they will serve their purpose admirably, I am sure. Here they would say they are 'good value for money.'

Here's hoping some pleasant surprises come your way today!

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