Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Walk in the Park (in Letterkenny)

We went off to Letterkenny today and walked up the hill to the park.

I am in love with these gates! Would make a great cross-stitch design. Perhaps I will graph it out tomorrow.

The park has a bunch of walking paths through various sorts of landscape--gardens, wooded areas, greens. There are benches all over and in a small wooded space, this monument to Irish peacekeepers.

There were a few benches tucked away in these spots. I love the way you could sit there and be enveloped by the trees.

I was almost giddy when we came around a curve and I saw this tree:
AUTUMN IS COMING!!! YAY!! The evidence was scattered all around:

There was still some summer hanging around though, reminding me that we are not quite through it yet.
It was a good day for a walk in the park--cool and breezy. Temperatures are supposed to be a bit below normal for this upcoming bank holiday weekend, but then there is a chance of another spell of warmer weather. If it comes, hopefully it will not last long.

Hope you are enjoying your day, whatever the weather in your neck of the woods!

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