Thursday, November 3, 2016

Low Lacy Light

Last evening after supper I settled in to do some cross stitch while listening to some Celtic Christmas music. I find my headlamp works best for cross stitching because I can aim the light right at the fabric. Since we have already changed our clocks back to winter time and it gets dark early, using my headlamp leaves the rest of the room in darkness--perfect for a candle. I have a perforated tin candle holder that a friend gave me--she got it in Morocco, I think, in a market. It was upcycled from something else, I believe she said. I put that in my little corner with my snowy Buddha picture, sent from Maine by another friend, a piece of crocheted lace that I made almost 20 years ago when we lived in Fairbanks, a wee felted person that I made here, and some rocks, driftwood, pottery bits, and shells that we've gathered from beaches here. It was lovely.
I did not turn on my headlamp right away, but just sat there enjoying the calm atmosphere and the low lacy light for a while.

It was cool enough yesterday for me to wear a sweater--yay! It was a lightweight lace sweater, but still a sweater.

It wears like a shawl with sleeves and I have worn my lightweight linen shawl these past weeks, but it felt like this was a step in the right direction--I love wool season!!

I was pretty pleased with myself for being able to put 4 books INTO the wee free library since Saturday and I have another ready to go. One I started and did not care for so set it aside before turning to something else. The others were good reads and I whipped through them. One book pile was noticeably lower. But you know what they say about one step forward and two steps back--we stopped at a charity shop this afternoon and I picked up 4 books and Bill got one. Good thing I made room on the pile!

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