Thursday, July 7, 2016

Taking in the View

This bird sat there looking around for a long time late this afternoon.

It was a nice day for taking in the view in Moville--from our apartment window and beyond-- so after the post lunch rain shower Bill and I strolled down to the shore walk. How lovely it was along this little bit of Lough Foyle! The breeze was blowing; the sun was out at times; the sky was interesting; the sound of the water lapping against the rocks was so relaxing; and even the smell of seaweed was just right--not overpowering or stinky, but just there as a slight salty essence in the air.

I noticed a lot of smooth white rocks today and I brought some home.

I love the way these feel in the hand and the veins running through them. The shapes are interesting. I also picked up a reddish brown rock for the colour and one that is smaller bits fused together because the texture appeals to me. I have an idea for the piece of shell--hopefully I will be able to see if it works out. Perhaps that can be a project for tomorrow!

Hopefully you are enjoying the view in your neck of the woods today!

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