Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Self Defence

That is 'defence' as it is spelled here, for US readers :-)

I am in self-care mode today as the hottest day of the year is upon us. Supposed to be 28ish degrees (82ishF) here today. This has prompted a status yellow alert for extreme heat from Met Eireann. While I am delighted to live in a place where these temps are considered extreme, I also know that this is not a good day for me to be trying to venture outside for anything longer than a few minutes. We will probably run down to get some stuff from fruit and veg man in a while, but that is it for me. Ten minutes and then home again, where I will hunker down and defend myself against a hostile summer day.

The last time I was out in the sunshine and heat, I ended up in bed shivering, with a bad headache and nausea. Today will be hotter than that day was.

They also warned about pollen, so I looked that up and learned that while trees and grass are done and fading, respectively, we are now into high weed pollen season. Since my sinuses have been sending me messages about this lately, I am not surprised.

Nor was I surprised to learn that fungal spores are going crazy. I spent most of the weekend in bed with my eyes closed, whether awake or napping. I could not keep my eyes open because of the pressure in my head and stabbing pain behind my left eye. I felt like I was made of lead, my body ached, and I was so, so tired.

So, let's see--sunshine, heat, weed pollen, and fungal spores--definitely not my sort of day, but here it is. I have learned by now that if I simply try to push on normally, I will pay the price for it, so I will engage in some self-defence against this summer day. Summer makes me ill. I joke about not liking summer and I grumble about how hot it is when it is 60 and sunny, but underneath all of that is an awareness that I really have some uncomfortable physical problems with summer. There are reasons why I hate it.

In my search for a silver lining, I have found that the flip flops I found new at the charity shop last year for a euro and embellished have come in quite handy this summer.
I only wore them once or twice last summer because it was chilly most of the time. Even when it got summerlike in October, I did not wear them. I picked them up to use inside the house--they would be no good for the kind of walking we do. But I found I did not need them in Killybegs. I wore socks in the house or went barefoot. They are very handy here though. The bedrooms have carpet and the sitting room is wood flooring, but the rest of the floors are tile and they stay pretty cold even when it is hot outside. So putting a layer between my feet and the tiles is helpful. I had thought about donating these back to a charity shop since I was not using them. Now that I find them useful, I will keep them. I like them, but I will like even better the moment when they can go back into the closet because I no longer need them.

Hopefully this will be the hottest day of the year. Cooler weather and wonderful, magical, beautiful rain is supposed to arrive back in town by the end of the week. Yay!


DJL said...

Dear Shari,
I'm sorry for your trouble! My summer allergies have kicked off as well - such itchy eyes! I have to take daily allergy meds from now until September. Self care is so important. I did the same thing this past Saturday when temps went into the 90s. Just stayed inside and read my book and drank lots of fluids. I also darken the house with blinds in the windows. I cannot bear the glare of the sun.
Anyway, I hope it all passes and you get a cool, cloudy, rainy day with a good breeze soon!

Shari Burke said...

Thank you! It is comfortable enough inside. That is one benefit of these sorts of buildings--really thick block/brick/stone walls really insulate well--at least in the paces we have lived. The walls are over a foot thick. We ran out to get some stuff from the fruit and veg guy ad the difference when we walked into the building on our return home was amazing--so much cooler! He is just around the corner so it took less than 10 minutes. I also close curtains and doors. We will have a cold supper.

Hoping that your heatwave is over now! It will be so nice when we can stop with the allergy meds! And when the sun is not so high and bright! We should have cooler temps and rain by the end of the week. These sorts of days usually do not last long. People start getting giddy whenever the sun is out, but on these sorts of days, they get really jazzed up! Some small shops and other businesses stick a sign on the door, close up, and head for the beach!

Hope you are having a good day and that your allergies are not giving you too much trouble today.