Sunday, July 10, 2016


Mother Nature has inspired me. The vague ideas that were floating around in my head are starting to come together and I am seeing how I might use some of the glass and pottery bits, shells, rocks, and interesting driftwood pieces to create lightly embellished objects.

Today I used a rock I had picked up a month or two ago--I was drawn to it not only because of the shape, but also the lines running across it and the way they catch the light. At the time I saw it, I had been thinking of the words 'rock-n-rose,' which had popped into my head at around that time.

Here is my rock-n-rose:
The rose is an inch across and is done with two shades of pink sewing thread held together and a .95mm (size 13) crochet hook.

This is the rock that inspired me :-)
It reminds me a bit of where we lived in Fairbanks--in the middle of 3 acres of woods. The trees were mostly birch, so they were tall and leggy. The lines remind me of that--Mother Nature's own artistry.

I also did another embellished shell. This one had a hole, but not a big enough one to use as a frame, so I simply used it to attach a motif.

I liked this shell when I saw it on the beach because of the textures and swirly greys and whites.

I decided that I did not want all of that covered, so positioned the small motif near the top, leaving much of the shell visible.

I have a biscuit tin full of collected bits and a bit more besides. I will be playing with some more ideas and rummaging through that tin a few more times, I am sure.

Hope you are enjoying a peaceful day, wherever you are.


DJL said...

I love that rock and rose! What a charming idea. I can see how that rock inspired you, it's beautiful. I hope the day is cool and rainy for you. We were just blessed with a rainy weekend that didn't get out of the 60's. Bliss!

Shari Burke said...

Oh that must've been such a wonderful weekend! So nice when those happen in July! It has been pretty good here--rain of various sorts, plenty of cloud, and not too hot! Yay! I love the rocks here. I have always loved rocks anyway, and there are so many shapes, textures, markings, etc. And the big boulders are fascinating too. It is a beautiful spot :-) Hope your Monday is good.