Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mosaic Messages and a Snazzy Sundial on a Sunless Day

Hopped on the noon bus today and rode to Buncrana. We walked along the footpath by the Swilly. It was quite a nice day. The wind was chilly, which was great, but I could tell there was a lot of pollen in the air as my sinuses started to ache and my throat began to burn. I was just grateful that there was no heat and sun to make things really uncomfortable. The sun did not appear all afternoon, except perhaps briefly when we were on our way home. I think I saw a glimpse of it once when I looked up from my book.

Since there was no sun we were not able to tell the actual time using this very cool sundial.

Perhaps we will be back there on a sunny day sometime.

Near one end of the footpath there is this cool chair which is cut out of a tree trunk. It sits in an alcove all done in mosaic.

There were many inspirational messages scattered throughout the mosaic.

It's a great piece of work and you could spend some time looking at all of the bits, messages, and motifs.
From there we headed back into and through town to go to Aldi. We got our stuff, loaded the backpacks, hoofed it back through town, and got to the bus stop with about 10 minutes to spare before the bus came. I settled into the seat with my book for a pleasant ride home. It is always so nice to get home!

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