Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Kipper Cottage Mysteries: A New Cozy Series

Death at the Abbey by Jan Durham
ISBN 9781915275141
This is the first in a new cozy mystery series featuring Liz McLuckie, a 50-something widow who has moved to Whitby five years after the death of her husband. She has purchased two run down cottages—Kipper Cottage and Gull Cottage—with the intention of living in one and fixing up the other to offer as a short term let to tourists. She lives with her wonderful dog, Nelson. One morning, while walking in Nelson’s favorite area atop the cliff, they stumble across a body. Liz and her friends end up in the middle of the investigation.

I quite enjoyed this book. It was a good read—very entertaining with a unique storyline and a quirky cast of characters. The people in the town are part of the joy of the book, along with the descriptions of the area. I am looking forward to reading future books in the series.

Death in Neptune Yard by Jan Durham
ISBN 9781915275172
This is the second in the Kipper Cottage cozy mystery series and it was just as enjoyable as the first. In this book, Liz McLuckie, a 50-something widow who has moved to Whitby, is welcoming her first guests to the newly renovated cottage she bought. It’s Halloween and time for the annual Goth Festival, which brings tourists from near and far. The tourists are thrilled when the creature from folklore, the Barghest, is seen and heard, which means someone will die. Sure enough, someone does and Liz finds herself in jeopardy as she gets pulled into the mystery of whodunnit. 

This was another entertaining book. I liked learning more about some of the ‘regulars’ from the first book and Nelson the dog is always fun to read about. The folklore element was interesting as well. I look forward to the next book in the series.

If you're a cozy fan, I can definitely recommend these books. The next book is in the works. Yay!

I thank NetGalley, Inkubater Books, and the author for providing me with e-galleys of these books in exchange for fair reviews. 


Vicki said...

Both books sound good so I got a copy of each. I hope I love them as much as you did! I plan on getting the 3rd book when it's published.

Shari Burke said...

I am always glad to find new cozy series 😃 I enjoyed spending time with the quirky characters and learning a bit about local folklore as well. Hope you enjoy them, too!

Linda said...

I love a good series of books. I will have to check these out.

Shari Burke said...

I was glad to learn the author is working on the next one! I want to know how the villagers evolve ;-)

Rostrose said...

Dear Shari,
these books sound really entertaining. I like thrillers that aren't brutal, but rather cozy. It will probably be a while before this series is available in German. It doesn't matter, I still have plenty of reading material anyway!
Have a nice Sunday-evening

Shari Burke said...

I know what you mean, Traude, about the abundance of reading material. I have plenty, too, but I can't resist acquiring even more, even if temporarily! Oh well, there are worse obsessions ;-)

Rostrose said...

Yes, there really are worse obsessions ;-DD
Have a good start into March,

Shari Burke said...

You too, Traude! 😺

Brenda said...

Enjoyed D at the A (Netgalley)...cozy your reviews.

Shari Burke said...

Thanks, Brenda! Sometimes I'm in the mood for a cozy so it's good to have authors and series to look for 😃