Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tunisian Crochet Mitered Square Doodle

Last night/this morning at about quarter to one, I began to wonder about a Tunisian crochet mitered square in two colours, as you do. Because I was too lazy to get out of bed just then, I decided to make such a square and see whether I liked it. Fortunately, my Tunisian crochet hooks are in a drawer of my bedside locker and I had a failed experiment in a bag that was in reach, so I ripped that back and began to crochet. The yarn is cotton, so I figured that I could use the end result as a washcloth/dishcloth. I ended up ripping out the first one because it was too small, but it was enough to show me that I liked the end result, so I made a longer chain and did another one.
There are various ways to do Tunisian mitered squares. Some are done by starting with three stitches and increasing. Some are made by starting with a longer chain and decreasing in one way or another. This one is made by chaining an odd number of stitches and doing a decrease on the middle three stitches, turning those three into one stitch. It's done in Tunisian simple stitch, where the hook is inserted into the vertical bar across the front and not through the stitch. Every row is just simple stitch until you get to the middle three stitches, put the hook through all three vertical bars at once and pull a loop through those three, then simple stitch to the end. At this point, if you want to change colour, drop the colour you picked up with and work off the loops with the new colour. Do your next pick up row with this colour and then drop it and go to the first colour. I just carried the unused colour up the side and did a slip stitch border at the end. That wasn't necessary though--from the front the carried yarn wasn't visible.

You could do a bunch of colours, too, or several rows in one colour and several more in another or a solid square or whatever you want. I will probably use this with some smaller scrap bits and have random colour changes--quite easy to weave in ends with Tunisian crochet!

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NanaDiana said...

Well, I have to plead ignorance because I have never heard of this style of square. I love the texture to it, Shari. Hope you and Bill have a great weekend. xo Diana