Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Odds and Ends

I've been working mostly on larger projects for the past couple of months, but have done some smaller ones during that time, too, just to make a change.

One of the larger projects I recently finished was my blue and cream poncho. I used two fingering weight wool yarns for this and I still have more left on both cones. I decided to use some of the cream to make a lightweight hat. I have one that I made a few years ago using self-striping sock yarn (light blue, medium blue, purple, and forest green) and I wear it all the time in spring and early autumn. I expect I'll get a fair bit of use from this one, too.
To make this, I used 2.75 mm (US size 2) 16 inch circular needles and the fingering/sock weight yarn to cast on 144 stitches, placing a marker, joining, and doing 2x2 ribbing for a few inches. Then I switched to knitting around, doing a purl round every once in a while to add a bit of texture. I decided on this one to keep going further than I usually do so I could do rapid decreases instead of the more gradual decreases I usually do. This made a more gathered crown, which I quite like.
Usually for a hat like this, I would start the decreases earlier and begin by doing k10, k2tog all the way around, k around the next, k9, k2tog around the next and so on. For this one, I started with k6, k2tog around, k around the next, k5, k2tog around the next and so on.  Happy with how this came out, but it's in the drawer for now and I am still wearing heavier winter hats.

Bill mentioned recently that he would like another scarf. I nodded and started thinking. Neither of us mentioned it again, but I decided on the yarn and stitches to use and cast on, leaving it on his pillow when it was done.
It has a very autumnal feel to me. It was hard to get the colour decent in the photo--kept coming up as bright pink! For this one, I did garter stitch (knit every row) with evenly spaced purl stitches on the wrong sides. I used the same stitches for this kitchen towel, where it shows up better.
I've also done a bit of gift stitching, but that stuff has not yet arrived at its destination, so I'll leave it for another day! For now, I have 2 main larger projects on the go using more cones of yarn--one knit, and one crochet. Both can be easily picked up and put down without worrying about losing my place, so a few stitches here and a few stitches there makes some progress. And it's a really nice way for me to end my day--upstairs, listening to interesting podcasts or nice music and knitting for a while with a nice big cup of tea. Some days, I really look forward to that time!

I hope Tuesday is wonderful in your neck of the woods.

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NanaDiana said...

You do really beautiful work, Shari. That one piece really does have autumn colors and I love the green piece (matches my eyes)-lol

I hope you have a wonderful night, knitting with a cup of tea at hand. xo Diana