Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yarn Bombed Benches in Buncrana

We hopped the bus to Buncrana this afternoon. Scattered around the downtown area are some metal mesh benches. These are perfect for yarn bombing and someone (or someones) decided they could use some crocheted and embroidered bling. I love the idea of the mesh bench as canvas!
We were on our way to find a small shop that we had passed the first time we were in town. It had yarn in the window. We did not call in on that day and have not passed it since. Today I wanted to find it again and we did. It is a funky little shop with some fabric, some yarn, and some other stuff around the place. Some of the stuff is behind the counter on shelves and as I glanced up there I was thrilled to see a few balls of dark green crochet cotton. I have had my eyes open for that sort of forest green or even a Christmas green for over a year and have not been successful--not even online--until today in the little hole in the wall shop in Buncrana. I am not even sure it has a name--there was no sign at all. Odd, really, that here on the Emerald Isle where there are more shades of green than I have ever seen in my life, that I cannot find a simple green thread, but there it is. I have found other sorts of green, but not this one. I got a couple of balls, so I can stop looking now. I might have gotten more, but I was mindful of the limited backpack space.
That done, we wandered around town a bit. We stopped in a charity shop and they had a basket of buttons, so I poked around in there and found some.

The woman was impressed when I pulled a small ziploc bag out of a backpack pocket. I told her I had brought some batteries to recycle and that's why I had it. It did come in handy though, so I might as well keep one in there. You never know when I might come across more buttons!

 Down a side street we saw this mural.

One of us thought it was a beautiful day and it was not Bill, but I was quite pleased to feel chilly in the almost crisp air with the wind blowing at me and the grey sky overhead. It was perfect for walking around and the really heavy rain happened while we were on the bus, so it was all good. The locals who greeted us as we walked by were a little bit grumbly about the weather. I suppose this sort of grey is one reason why every town has flowers planted in pots everywhere--big planters on sidewalks, hanging baskets on poles along the streets, planters on walls and pots on windowsills. It is beautiful with the explosions of colour.

These brown things seem a bit odd.
I love these--they are yellow in Buncrana and I saw some with purple undersides in Carndonagh. The wee yellow ball is what the white flower looks like before it opens. The colour is on the underside of the petals.

Love the wee purple flowers.
After a while we went to Aldi, loaded the backpacks, and caught the bus home. Now I am sitting with my feet up and a cup of coffee beside me. It was chilly enough at home to shut a window. I am always excited when that happens. We still have two open, and it is supposed to warm up starting this weekend, but then cooler days return--or so they say. Today it definitely felt like autumn could be on its way. I live in hope!

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