Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Scrap Work

In yesterday's post about my lace hat, which a friend pointed out could also be worn as a snood, I mentioned the last round of slip stitches that I ripped out. This left me with a length of thread along with what was left from the ball, which is about the size of a ping pong ball.

I do not like to waste anything, so try to find uses for all my different scraps and leftovers. I do different things with them, depending on the length of thread/yarn or the size of the leftover ball.

With the bit of thread that had been the round of slip stitch, I tatted the last ring in a short length of linked rings that I've had. I connected both ends with this ring and it's just the right size for a bracelet.

I had enough left to start another set of linked rings and to add a ring or two to my ongoing abstract tatting piece.

I have also crocheted linked rings using worsted weight yarn in the past, making a garland for over the back door. Would make a fun and easy holiday decoration too--orange and black for Halloween, fall colours for Thanksgiving, Christmas colours, or even a bunch of bright colours for a baby's or child's room.

With the leftover ball of thread I am adding to a patchwork tatting thing I started with some of the linen left from the shawl I recently finished. What this will end up being, I have no idea at the moment.

Lengths that are too short to be made into a ring or a small motif are set aside for abstract cross stitch--I started this piece today using the trimmings from the rings and some scraps of the gold thread I used in the shawl. No idea what it will look like in the end--I just start stitching and move randomly around the cloth.
Snips of thread and yarn that are too short for anything else, get saved for needle felting, where they can be felted right into the fabric, either randomly or in a more structured way--these trees were made with short lengths of yarn that I felted onto the background, as are the flowers and bird on the second piece.

In the past I have also made cards by folding some cardstock or watercolor paper in half, covering the front with glue, and laying on a bunch of random snips.

I have a thing for scrappy projects--I love them and I love seeing my scrap pile grow. It takes a while to finish the projects made this way and I often have no idea what each one will end up being, but they are good creative exercises. And they are very satisfying and enjoyable to work on, too.

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