Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Lace for the Table

When we moved back in here, I was happy to see that the round metal and glass table in the living room was still there. It's a good table that holds an excellent lamp with plenty of room left for my stuff--beverages, stitching needs, books, notebooks and pens, mp3 player, phone, and whatever else I stick on there on any given day. And there is a shelf underneath where I keep my pouch of stitching tools, books, and my little netbook and tablet. It sits between the chair I use and the couch, which I also use, depending on mood and I can twist the lamp to direct the light where I want it. When we moved in the first time, I made a sort of dark royal blue doily for it. I had enough thread in that colour and it matched the blue curtains and worked with the brown furniture that was in here. This time, there is different--and better--furniture, but it's not brown and I wasn't keen on the blue doily there. Besides, I recognize an excuse to crochet a doily when it comes along!

I started one with some variegated brown thread that I'd gotten in Sligo. I loved the way it looked on the ball, but as I started crocheting it, I was less smitten. Still, even though I should know better, I kept on for days, hoping that my feelings would change. Finally, I accepted that it wasn't working and I would not ever like it, so I ripped it out, chose a different chart, got out some thread better suited to the purpose, and began again. Today, I improvised the last couple of rounds and got the ends hidden.
I'm glad I started again instead of continuing with the first attempt. This is much better! It's the perfect size and it makes me happy to see it there. I will use the variegated thread for something else.

The centre and the outer edge are done in brown raw silk thread held double, while the rest is done in ecru size 10 crochet cotton. I used a US B hook, which is, I think, 2.25 mm.

The blue doily now lives upstairs on the dresser.
And now to decide what to work on next.

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