Thursday, June 28, 2018

Needed a Kick

The other day, we called in at the butcher shop/deli. Dave and Kath, the butchers we used to go to when we lived here before, and who made the best sausages ever, retired while we were gone. What used to be their shop on Main Street is now a hair salon--looks all modern and out of place. As Bill says, 'It just looks wrong.' Ah well, things change.

There are two butchers left in town and we decided to try this one. It's a small place that sells meat on one side, ready-to-cook stuff in foil trays in a centre case, and deli salads, sandwiches, and things like that on the other side. The other day, a group of workers were sitting outside at a small table having a meal when we went in. There's no seating inside.

We'd gotten some sausages there a couple of weeks ago. I cooked a few and froze the rest for another meal. We liked them, so in spite of the fact that I still have the frozen ones, I suggested we call in and pick up a few more for the freezer--if they had them. I've found that sometimes things are just not available when I expect them to be. I don't know if that would be true of this butcher or not, but it's been the case in some grocery stores.

They did have sausage and, in the case in the centre of the shop, they had turkey burgers. This was good to see, since we do not like beef and cannot always get turkey mince to make burgers with at home. There were two packages of plain turkey burgers and a package of these:
I bought all three, put the plain burgers in the freezer and cooked the sweet potato and chilli turkey burgers for supper that night. We had the leftovers for lunch the next day. They were good, but disappointing, because I could not taste even a hint of chilli in them. I was expecting a kick, but didn't get one. Maybe they forgot that key ingredient. Either that or they found the most flavourless, heatless chilli pepper in existence!

Since there were no turkey burgers of any kind the first time we were in the shop, I assume they have their regular offerings and then add some other stuff periodically. I'll call in every once in a while to see what's on offer.  I like the fact that the stuff comes in foil trays, too, because I wash them well, save them, and reuse them--they come in handy.

Cold supper again tonight as the sun continues to shine down upon us.

Happy Thursday!

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