Thursday, June 21, 2018

More Wandering

We both had books in at the library, so we headed off for Donegal Town again today where that was the first stop. Then we decided to go on the Bank Walk, since we were right there. I love that walk with all the big trees and the green--so many interesting textures and shapes. And we can't forget the fairy doors!

After the bank walk, we wandered around town for a while.
our part of county donegal

county donegal

flowers behind bars

We called in at the Animals in Need charity shop and as soon as we walked in, I spotted this on a shelf right by the door--not a colander, but better, because it doesn't take up space.
We also found a wire thing with a mesh bottom that I can keep my cooking utensils in--wooden and slotted spoons, ladle, etc. And we each found a book. The one I brought home is one by Kate Atkinson. I have only read one or two of her books, but I like them and want to read more. She always keeps me a little bit off balance. I think I will always remember one in which the whole storyline was not wrapped up until the very last sentence of the book--and it was a surprising sentence!

It's a lovely day here. I hope it's the same in your part of the world!

Happy Solstice!

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