Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Morning and the Anger Slipway

We took a walk into town this morning to do a couple of errands. We've been here for 10 days now and I've been outside every day but yesterday with no ill effects at all. No headaches, no nausea, no sinus pressure, no brain fog. I am SO grateful! I have not even needed the allergy meds every day, even though pollen counts have been high.

The heatwave is over for now, they say, and Wednesday could bring rain, glorious rain!

We called into the Tourist Information Centre this morning to get a copy of a walking routes map that we used to have. This was out front:
This is taken from the same spot, but facing across the street. The pier there is newish--I think it was not yet quite finished when we left.
The 'anger slipway' has always made me chuckle. I thought they might have added back the D, but hasn't happened yet!
Here are the last few May books:
A Fatal Inversion by Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell)
Adam inherits a house from a wealthy relative during the long, hot British summer of 1976, much to the dismay of his father, who expected to inherit. Adam ends up living there over the summer with a friend and some people who just sort of end up there. Bad things happen. The book goes back and forth between that summer and some of the people in the present day. It is bookended by scenes from the perspective of the people who currently live in that house. Throughout the book, the point of view shifts. I picked up this book in a charity shop, and it was in the last pile to be packed, so I read it and Bill put it in the wee free library.

Two For Joy: Scene From a Marriage by Dannie Abse
This is a poetry collection containing a series of poems about the 50+ year marriage of the poet and his wife, who tragically died in a car accident. I came across it in the e-book section of the library website. The subjects of the poems range from courtship to early marriage to long marriage to grief to the first date as a widower. I found them quite moving, if sometimes painful.

Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie
During our move, when all my books were packed, I decided to read an Agatha Christie on my e-reader and ended up choosing this one, which is not one of her better known works. It was an enjoyable read. I know I've read it before and remembered bits of it, but not all.

We're off in a bit to get a few more tasks completed. I hope it's a pleasant start to the week in your neck of the woods!

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