Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Happy Discovery!

We went out early again this morning (I am catching up on my coffee now) and it didn't take long for my dodgy leg to get tired! We walked up the steep hill through the graveyard to get to Church Road. That got the old heart pumping! As we walked along, we made our happy discovery.
I perked right up when we came across this! We'd recently been talking about how a wee free library would be a good thing for Killybegs to have. I guess the good people of St John's Church thought so, too. I probably don't even have to say that a few books came home with us. We have some to put in, too. We'd been planning to just stash the books we'd read but didn't want to keep until the pile was big enough to bring to the charity shop. Now we'll just stick them here. Yay!

It was pleasant this morning--no sun shining and not too hot, although it was a bit muggy. We even had a few sprinkles, which made me very happy.

These little beings looked like they were having a nice breakfast...
 as were these crawly creatures
I found these fallen trees so striking

The light was shining on the river in a lovely way.

And the water in the harbour was once again very still, so there were great reflections.
This little boat was heading out.
It's nice to be out wandering around again, and looking at little things that catch my eye. Happy surprises, like our discovery of the new Little Free Library, are a bonus.

I hope your day is filled with beauty and a happy surprise or two!

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