Saturday, June 16, 2018

Blue Green Saturday

The day started out cloudy and breezy with a few showers about, but it soon turned sunny and blue. There's still a breeze and it's not too hot though, so I'm OK with that. We went to see the Killybegs veg man, who sets up at the other end of town every Saturday. We have gotten so used to going on Tuesdays, when the Moville veg man shows up, that we'd forgotten to go the past couple of Saturdays. It was a nice day to walk around town.
the newish pier being used

looking back at town

in a planter in town
the truck and awning on the right side of the car park is veg man
Blue and green with fluffy white clouds are the colours of the day here. I hope it's a beautiful day in your neck of the woods today, too.

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