Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What is This 'Knit Too Much' Idea?

A friend sent me this. I wonder if she is trying to send me a message.
I do not even know what knitting 'too much' would look like. Besides, I do not ALWAYS knit! Sometimes I crochet, or needle tat, or cross stitch, or needle felt, or some other fibre thing.

I am pretty sure I am going to love this book, even if I cannot grasp the main concept behind the title. I opened it at random to this page:
😊 Yup, I've done that.

I wonder if there is also a thing about riding the bus and getting excited because you think someone is getting out their yarn project, only to deflate a few seconds later when you realise they are untangling earbud wires. 😃

I am looking forward to seeing what other gems are in this wonderful book. If I figure out what she means by knitting 'too much' I will report back!

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