Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Black Book of Color and The Stuff of Inspiration

Had some stuff in at the library so we called in after lunch. Got some fun stuff--poetry and some textile books for inspiration.

I quite enjoy doing Swedish weaving on a smaller scale, using thread and aida cloth. I like the effects created this way. I used to have some excellent books on the subject--I used them to teach myself the technique--but this is one I have not seen before, so I will enjoy going through it. The quilt one should be fun too. I am curious about the poetry book, as I have read a bit of Boland and Duffy, but not the third poet.

While we were there, Gerard was commenting on the feel of the quilt book, which is interesting--almost has a textilian (I rather like that as a word) quality. It reminded him of a children's book which he pulled out for me to look at. It really was fascinating.

It was called The Black Book of Colors. There is a video about it here
It is in braille as well as text and the illustrations are embossed, so someone could feel them as well as look at them. The text describes color using all of the senses besides sight.  It was a fun book for me to read through and the short video is worth watching.

On the way home we took a short detour across the street and called in at one of the charity shops, where I found a couple of nice bits of clothing on the euro rack to bring home and deconstruct.

 The silver top is made with embroidered and beaded fabric in the front and is plain on the back. It closes up the front with small hooks and eyes, which I can remove and use for something or leave on as needed. The peachy top has the different fabrics and a couple of little flowers at the neckline. These will be great for some new work I am starting soon. 

And just a little while ago, at a little after 4, we were treated to another beautiful sunset.
 Happy Wednesday!

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