Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sligo, Decorated

We went to Sligo yesterday because Bill was scheduled for cataract surgery this morning. Before we left, he had an INR test because he is on warfarin. We did not get the results until we were already in Sligo. We'd already booked a hotel room for the night, so when we found out his number was too high and the surgery would have to be cancelled because to proceed would be unsafe, all we could do was to try and enjoy our time there. We walked around and enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights and decorated shop windows. It was quite festive, although every time we go there we are reminded how unused to larger towns we are now. Sligo only has about 19.000 people, but it seems large compared to our little village. Things seem hectic with lots of traffic and people rushing everywhere. It is easy to get frazzled, so it was nice to be able to focus on the seasonal sights and try to ignore the hustle and bustle! Here are some of the decorations that caught my eye.

This morning, Mother Nature decorated the sky as the sun rose.
We went down to the dining room and had an excellent breakfast before checking out and starting our journey home. It is always good to get home.

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