Sunday, December 11, 2016

Simple Slippers

One of the gifts I made has arrived at its destination, so I can post the pic now--a pair of simple slippers that I made for our daughter to wear during cosy times at home.
This is a pretty common pattern--called grandmas slippers or something like that, I think. You don't really need a pattern, as its a simple idea. Just knit back and forth for the foot part, , leaving a long tail when you cast on, then switch to double points, distribute your stitches on the needles, and knit in the round until the slipper is long enough, then do a few rounds of decreases. When there are a few stitches left, cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, thread through a tapestry needle, thread the tail through the live stitches and pull them off the needles, pulling tight to close. Then use your long tail at the start to sew up the back.

I used a double strand of DK weight yarn and size 10 needles for these, knitting in garter stitch for the foot and switching to a 2x2 rib for the toe section.For the cuff trim, I switched to crochet with one strand and did a few rounds of hdc (US). This is a good pattern for gifts because both the garter stitch and the ribbing are nice and stretchy, so you do not need an exact size.

 I found the yarn at a local charity shop and since blue is her favourite colour, it was perfect for this project. I have some left that will be used in the mitred square blanket I have in progress. I might use some of my odd scraps to make myself a pair too 😄

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