Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy December!

I love December. I look forward to December all year. I am so happy that December is here. I spent this day contentedly meandering from thing to thing.

I woke up and noticed the heaviness of the blankets under which I was snuggled and I smiled because it did not matter what time it was. I had nothing to do and nowhere to be for the rest of the day. I stayed in bed a little bit longer.

I finished a book I started yesterday.

I completed a gift project and photographed it and some other things.

I watched a weird version of A Christmas Carol on you tube--1949 and narrated by Vincent Price.

I listened to Christmas music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s while I joined small scrap balls of yarn together.

I heated up some leftover (plain) pasta and cream of veggie soup and we had that with breakfast burritos for supper. I chopped bell pepper and onion sauteed in some olive oil, added eggs beaten with a splash of milk and scrambled. I put a piece of smoked cheese on a wholemeal tortilla, topped with the egg and veg mixture, and added a few red jalapenos.

Tomorrow I will go to the library and probably to the shop, but tonight the only plan is for more meandering from one thing to another.

Hope this first day of December is a relaxing and peaceful one for you too.

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