Friday, December 23, 2016

Got Rain? Got Books?

One of the things that was in the parcel our daughter sent us was this key chain--she said she felt it was appropriate for both Ireland and Oregon so she got one for us and one for herself.
Indeed we did have rain today! Storm Barbara came through with lashing rain and whistling wind and a sunny break or two. It was my kind of day.

Since the library will be closed for the next week and a half, I checked my account this morning and found that some stuff had come in, so in between rain showers, I dashed down there.
I added them to the pile of previously picked up books on my bedside locker (nightstand).
Hmm, looks like I might need to rearrange that or something, lest the pile topple over onto my head as I sleep! I did not notice the way the pile was leaning until I looked at this picture. It is one book shorter now, since I read the top one this afternoon and can start a different pile for returns 😊📗

Tonight at 8, BBC Radio 4 is airing a show from their archive called, The Many Faces of Ebenezer Scrooge. I plan to crochet and listen to that. I have a textile art book and a magazine to look through with some festive music. The extremely quiet Christmas weekend has begun. Since St Stephen's Day on Monday is already a holiday, the legal Christmas holiday is on Tuesday this year, so it will be a nice long weekend for many.

I hope that your weekend has started off wonderfully, whether it is a holiday weekend for you or not. Happy Friday!

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