Friday, December 9, 2016

Collecting Cast-offs and Borrowing Books

We called in at one of the charity shops this morning and I had a look at the rack of costume jewelry that sits on the counter. Sometimes there are bracelets, necklaces, or other such things that can be taken apart and the beads or other components used in various ways. Today I found a couple of bracelets with nice big chunky beads that will be fun to use. I also found this necklace, which I got for the pendant. As soon as I spotted it, I was smitten, but had to take a minute to untangle it from the stuff that was hanging with it.
 I think I will probably take the pendant off the cords and replace them with something else.
A couple of weeks ago, Bill found these in a different charity shop.
It's all good stuff to work with.

Another happy library day, as a couple of holds came in and I found another fun book on the shelf. Yay!
Hope your Friday is full of little happy surprises too!

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