Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve in Moville

It is a rainy Christmas Eve in Moville this year. Storm Barbara has blown by, but there is still some wind, steady rain, and mild temperatures.

I made our annual Christmas Eve lasagne--there is enough to last us through St Stephen's Day and possibly beyond. That's lunch sorted for a couple of days. 😋
I should have saved more cheese to put on top, but I got carried away with the layers!

After supper we went off for a short walk through Market Square. It must have been mass time or something, as there were cars parked everywhere. The rain was coming down and Bill is not keen on walking in the rain. He was a trouper though. ⛆⛈

Main Street looked lovely in the rain with the beautiful tree and the lights strung across the street.
This is from the other side of the square. It was quite dramatic when we turned the corner from our lane and looked down the street (from the other side of the tree) because the lights are strung all the way down. All the pics I took from that angle had big water blotches on them though, so this one will have to do!

On the way back up, I saw this cute guy keeping an eye on Market Square through the window of the chemist shop.
Yesterday I said I planned to listen to The Many Faces of Ebenezer Scrooge on BBC Radio 4. That was indeed my plan. I settled in with my coffee and crochet and wondered why some woman from a soap opera was talking about her year and seemed like she was not going to stop anytime soon. I double checked the schedule and discovered my mistake. The show I want is on tonight. So tonight I will settle in with some coffee and crochet and try again!

I am enjoying a peaceful evening after an enjoyable creative day and I hope that your day is everything you want it to be.

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