Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wee Trees

The other night I was scrolling through a crochet e-magazine that I'd borrowed from the library. In every issue, this magazine has a feature in which they highlight a few different kinds of yarn by telling the reader about each yarn and by showing a motif made with each of the featured yarns. In this issue the motif was a tiny 2 round granny tree. I love trees and I frequently make tree motifs--tatted, knitted, crocheted, cross stitches, embroidered, or needle felted. Of course I had to whip out a hook and some scraps and make a few trees.
The bottom one is done with size 10 crochet cotton and a (US) B hook, the left one is sock yarn with an F (US) hook, and the largest one is an aran weight with a (US) J hook. These would be cute as appliques, ornaments, on cards or strung onto bunting. I had the thought this morning that I could make a bunch of different trees and make a nice bunting.

I've made many trees these past couple of winters--here are some.
This one was knitted from a holiday pattern put out by a yarn company. It was fiddly and required two pieces to be made and put together to correct the natural curl that you get from stockinette stitch. This made a thick and heavy ornament. I like it, but got busy adapting the idea to better suit me. I came up with a crocheted version worked from the bottom up in hdc through the back loop (the large green and two small trees under that in the centre of the photo), and a knit version worked from the top in garter stitch (the two small trees at the top).
I cross stitched trees on bookmarks and wee ornaments.
An embroidered tree finished off my row of cross stitched tiny houses,
and was the focal point of a needle felted piece.
I have ideas for tree projects that I want to try, but somehow it seems as though there is never enough time. After all, it's not like it grows on trees :-)

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